Curated solutions for Banks and Credit Unions to you better collaborate, onboard, serve, scale, and grow – we can help you win! 

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Solutions to accelerate business transformation, innovation, and deliver exemplary Client service.

The digital transformation journey takes many paths and can impact your business in different ways. You need to balance strategy with execution, use technology to accelerate your innovation agenda, integrate intelligence, and harness the cloud to improve employee and customer experiences, visibility, and collaboration.

B2P can help. Our approach combines our deep domain expertise and seasoned technologists and serving as a blend of thinkers, problem solvers, and practitioners to accelerate your business outcomes. From business consulting to analytics and AI, from cloud to business applications and security, from customer experience to the modern workplace, we have the solutions and capabilities to spur your success.


B2P Sales and Service Platform ™

Leveraging the best-of-breed solutions from Microsoft Financial Services Cloud, Temenos Journey Manager, and Temenos LMS, our Sales & Service solution enables a 360-degree view of your clients and streamlines onboarding and sales and service requests, while enabling intelligent cross-sell engagements.  

Our solution delivers better data, improved servicing capabilities, operational efficiency, and an enhanced sales process that drives increased product conversions and a next generation experience for Employees and Clients. 

Bridge2 Sales & Service Platform enables real-time collaboration across the organization and with clients at the request level, speeding completion and reducing overall number of touchpoints.


B2P A.D.A.R ™

We have seen the challenges banks are facing with managing deposit and associated liquidity risk and have released our proprietary cloud-based technology built within Microsoft Cloud, introducing B2P’s Advanced Deposit Risk Analytics (A.D.A.R.). 

B2P has leveraged our deep knowledge and real-world experience in client onboarding, deposits. risk management and stress testing and throughout the design we leveraged the deposit risk management and stress testing guidelines published by the OCC and FDIC. 

With A.D.A.R., banks and credit unions can assign a quantitative deposit volatility rating to new and existing depositors using information already gathered by the bank or credit union in its account opening and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. A.D.A.R. gives financial institutions the ability to categorize depositors and their funds into categories that help the institution manage their asset and liability decisions, thereby mitigating the institution’s interest rate and liquidity risks.  

In addition, A.D.A.R. provides managers, customer-facing staff, and risk management staff with portfolio views and watchlists that provide alerts on depositor rating or deposit amount changes allowing the institution to manage its deposit related opportunities and risks. 


B2P Loan Servicing
Portal ™

B2P’s Loan Servicing Portal is a responsive self-service portal for your lending clients built within Microsoft Cloud provides many unique capabilities that separate it from competitive solutions:

  • A modern, customizable web-based portal for your customers to view their loan(s) safely & securely, make loan payments, request pay-offs, view statements & documents, & update account information

  • A cloud-hosted, single-tenant application that leverages pre-built Microsoft Azure services like Active Directory, B2C, API Management and more, to seamlessly integrate with your existing Microsoft enterprise applications

  • An application that can integrate directly with your Loan Servicing System or data warehouse using pre-defined API models. AFSVision integration is pre-built for hundreds of specialized data points.

  • A way to reuse data from loan origination and servicing systems to provide your customers with a seamless transition from loan acquisition to loan servicing and support

Constructed to manage special-purpose and other forms of non-mortgage lending, your servicing workflows are not burdened by unnecessary regulatory overhead.

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